We work in Entertainment, Arts, Tech,
and New & Emerging Media.

What we do

Coupling futures-oriented approaches with design-thinking to create new models for holistic and human-focused communications,

AlphaPR & Digital is a bold and innovative communications firm paving the way for sustainable strategies and campaigns.


Every six months, we meet with the industries top minds to analyze data, methods, theories and findings from the course of our communications works. We bring these learnings to each campaign.


We harness intuition and logic, feelings and reason, to design and develop our communication systems within large, complex contexts and society at large. We design for all possibilities and test for optimization.


We acknowledge the contextual system in which each campaign and communication exists, and their co-relating interdependent parts, allowing us to maximize our approach for optimal results.

Who We Are

Amy Saunders

CEO, Founder

A Board Member of the Canadian Association of Online Film Critics and an active member of WIFT, Amy Saunders has close ties to the Arts & Entertainment media and community in Canada and abroad. Through relationships built over her years at Warner Bros., Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and while working with AMC Networks, Amy has become a trusted voice and resource for media, filmmakers and entertainment professionals.

Amy’s speciality is film and entertainment. She has been on red carpets with Johnny Depp, Kevin Bacon, Dakota Johnson, Henry Cavill, Alicia Vikander, Armie Hammer; Run TIFF parties for Sandra Bullock and George Clooney; Executed junkets with Zac Efron, and many more. She is the first person to ever walk two ghosts down a red carpet at TIFF. One area of focus for AlphaPR is the merging of film and technology such as with their client, Monarch 7, who have developed a television series integrated with an Augmented-reality app.

A current candidate for OCAD University’s Master of Design, Strategic Foresight and Innovation, Amy Saunders brings the programs sustainable foresight to the communications industry and to individual campaigns in a holistic and innovative approach. Amy’s work frequently lands in The Globe and Mail, VICE, The Toronto Star, The Atlantic, the Hollywood Reporter, Indiewire, OZY and The Wall Street Journal.

Our Alpha Futures-labs with our Board of Advisors are quarterly meetings wherein we gather data on all of Alpha’s campaigns, utilizing systems-mapping to project for communications trends and develop a sustainable approach to PR, media, business design and development.

We seek agility, sustainability and maximum impact while reducing risk and enhancing space for creativity and bold ideas while utilizing a holistic approach.


Design. Optimize. Deploy.


We investigate our clients, learn their in’s and out’s and get to know them and their products intimately. We watch their films, eat their food, listen to their music and inhale their books. We design comprehensive campaigns based on their needs, goals, insights and visions.



We train every client according to their needs; Some clients need a strong media presence coach, others key message training or social media branding. We meet with our clients to determine how to optimize their campaigns while aligning with their key messages, internally and externally.



We execute on a clearly communicated and transparent campaign, keeping our clients abreast of our process at every turn. We work fast and hard, creating rapid iterations of our approach during each campaign to be able to connect with the intended audience best.



“Amy is a compelling PR and exceptional strategist. Working with her on TUFF’s tenth year anniversary was a breeze. She delivered great results and kept us informed of the process throughout. I would work with her again anytime.”

Sharon Switzer
Founder of (TUFF) Toronto Urban Film Festival, Lecturer at AGO

“Amy is one of the best PR’s I’ve ever encountered.”

Sadaf Ashan
Arts & Culture reporter, The National Post

“Amy delivered on everything she promised during the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. She got my film Green White Green much visibility in popular publications like Variety, Vice and IndieWire. Super professional and fun, I’ll put my money on her any day.”

Abba T. Makama
Award-winning International Filmmaker, Osiris Film & Entertainment, Creative Director @ O.F.E.

“AlphaPR is pure magic! Their professionalism, on-time performance and pro-active attitude has delivered great success to our team!”

Arshad Khan
Award-winning filmmaker (ABU)