Client News: Dim the Fluorescents on Dorkshelf

The Shelf Episode 18: Claire Armstrong and Naomi Skwarna on Dim the Fluorescents

On the latest episode of The Shelf, we’re joined by Claire Armstrong (Alias Grace) and Naomi Skwarna, the two stars of Dim the Fluorescents – a Toronto-made dramedy that’s been making waves on the festival circuit and won the Grand Jury Prize at the Slamdance Film Festival earlier this year. It’s a strange, hilarious, and heartfelt film – and a very Toronto one at that. Dim the Fluorescents premieres at the Carlton in Toronto on December 8 (the first screening is already sold out!) followed by a Canada-wide theatrical run from December 8-14 and a VOD/Digital release in early 2018.

Armstrong and Skwarna play roommates and creative partners – one a struggling actor, the other an aspiring playwright – who pour all of their energies into the only paying work they can find: corporate roleplaying demonstrations. We spoke to duo about making movies in the city they call home, the highs and lows of the film festival experience, the struggles of their creative characters, acting for the stage on-screen, and, of course, what’s on their respective Dork Shelves!

Dorkshelf - Dim the Fluorescents