Client News: Dim the Fluorescents in The Globe and Mail

Daniel Warth’s unlikely journey
His stellar first movie, Dim the Fluorescents, is a dark, piercing comedy inspired by his real-life experience

Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of corners, but Toronto filmmaker Daniel Warth may be the first person who can trace the creative spark to a bland corporate boardroom. It was in one such beige, all-purpose meeting room about six years ago that Warth, working as a freelance videographer, found the key to his debut feature.

“I was hired to document this seminar, all about corporate mediation – fairly run-of-the-mill,” Warth recalls today. “But then the company brought out these two late-20s actors, and they did this heavy routine where one played the other’s father, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. They were acting their hearts out at this boardroom table – there were real tears – while people sat around taking notes. I was blown away by it.”

Dim The Florescents in the Globe and Mail