Client News: Dim the Fluorescents on CBC Q

Daniel Warth’s latest film explores finding a creative outlet within mundane corporate life

Finding a creative outlet within mundane corporate life is a familiar story that many audiences can relate to. This is exactly what writer and director Daniel Warth explores in his latest film Dim The Fluorescents.

Warth’s film is about two artists painstakingly working away on their latest project because they believe it could be the one work that will change the trajectory of their careers. The project? A corporate role-playing demonstration they’re performing at a hotel conference. Dim The Fluorescents is a story about trying to make it as an artist, in the unlikeliest of settings.

Earlier this year, the film premiered at Slamdance where it took home the grand jury award for best narrative feature. Today, Warth and actress Naomi Skwarna join Tom Power to discuss the film, which is opening in theatres this Friday.

CBC Q - Dim The Fluorescents