Client News: #UREnough in She Does the City

Excerpt from She Does the City’s piece on #UREnough; read more here

What did you learn during the process of putting this project together that surprised you?

That we really are all the same. In one way or another we are all faced with adversity, struggles and daily hurdles. And we, individually, have this misconception or fear that the struggles we face won’t be accepted by our loved ones or society. During the campaign, many people spoke about the shame they felt for exposing their struggle and those feelings of shame grew to their considered “breaking point.” While each story was very different, the common theme was that they all felt they couldn’t be themselves or express themselves in a vulnerable way that would be accepted. And they are not alone with this; we are all the same.

What do you hope comes of this project?

Over the past few weeks we have witnessed the magic that will unfold when you give someone just enough comfort and support to be themselves. Continuing the conversation afterwards, we can break the silence, cut through the stigmas, and create a culture of acceptance and support. As a society, we might learn to express empathy and understanding to those others who might be struggling.