UR Enough in Ramona Magazine for Girls

Excerpt from Ramona Magazine’s interview with Mandi and Kelsey: 

“We believe that self-acceptance and self-love is a journey that you choose daily. When you begin on this journey, you will become aware of your feelings and emotions, your faults, your quirks, and it might be an extremely uncomfortable and vulnerable experience. Choosing to love of all of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is a daily practice. Not all of those days will be the same; some days will be easier than others, and that is okay. While we don’t know if self-love is continually re-learned, we will say that by the choices that we make, we are impacting our view of how we see ourselves. And while we might not be able to choose the circumstance, the way that we consciously choose to react can enhance how we will move forward in our journey. Self-love is about choosing yourself every single day.”


The rest of the interview can be found below.

UR Enough: A Chat with Mandi and Kelsey