Alpha Artist: Chloe McAlister

Welcome to Alpha Artist – once a month we’ll highlight one of our favourite feminist artists.

We’re proud to introduce Chloe McAlister as our featured artist for March.


Chloe is an illustrator and graphic designer from Brisbane, Australia.


According to her bio, Chloe draws inspiration from “badass women, underdogs, regular dogs, pop culture, musicians, and  television, and the notion that everything has a dark (but awesome) story to be told.”




“Chloe finds catharsis in representing all the weird, awkward, self-deprecating facets of herself, and the cool people she knows (and doesn’t know).”


We love her art for how honest it is, how it marries simplicity with magic. Stunning, accessible, emotional, glamorous; it does what the best art purports to do, in that it connects humans across the world without needing to use words.



Check out the rest of her work here.