Hot Docs 2018: The Trolley in CityNews

“Toronto has a love-hate relationship with its fleet of streetcars.

Sure, they’re environmentally-friendly and charming, but they also slow down traffic, breakdown in extreme cold, and many feel they belong in a museum, rather than a modern metropolis.

But for every Rob Ford, who once proudly boasted that he planned to phase streetcars out entirely, there’s someone like filmmaker Stephen Low, who believes the vehicles have the potential to change, and maybe even save, the world.

‘I had to make this film to give streetcars their due,” he added. “The film may prove especially poignant and nostalgic for Torontonians, given that streetcars (trolleys) have been these charming fixtures in the city since before we can remember. I hope we are able to give people a look at how and why they evolved — and I hope that the film helps humanize the transit system that is so vital to our lives and future.'”


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